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About Ryan Gamble

about ryan gamble voice actor

I’ve been told I have an ear for language, an (3rd?) eye for intuition, a nose for adventure, a sharp tongue for wit, and the touch of…an angel? In reality, I do bring a feminine touch. Born into this world a “Xennial”, I enjoyed an analog youth and a digital adulthood. My upbringing has much do with having molded my passion for all things vintage. As a child of the 80’s, I didn’t watch the films all other kids enjoyed. My 8-year-old playmates were taking in The Goonies, and I watched The Wizard of Oz, listening to my film-analysis-teaching mom pointing out instances of foreshadowing. Teen girl friends gathered to obsess over Molly Ringwald’s coming of age tales, while I marveled at the astounding film mechanics of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. It wouldn’t have been a weekend at Dad’s without watching Steve McQueen’s famous car chase scene in Bullitt, or spending time at Dad’s drawing board, pretending like I possessed his talent for hand-drawing cartoons.

In recently reviewing new client testimonials, I recognized a common thread among them boiling down to one word; fun! While I genuinely appreciate hearing feedback about handling clients with patience and finesse, hearing that I make things fun is truly the best compliment. After all, bringing fun to the mix is my total motivation as a voice over performer.

My aim in voice over, is to deliver smiles from ear to ear. In this beautifully chaotic journey, rife with uncertainty, I believe my role is to remind folks to be playful. Remembering to laugh, at yourself, especially, is an important rule I live by. When all is said and done, if I should be so lucky as to lay in stillness, in rumination of my life’s choices, I cannot imagine any better validation than feeling like I squeezed every last bit of joy from my days, giving joy to those around me in return.

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